Dance Deewane Juniors

Dance Deewane Juniors, is a brand new kid’s dance show that provides a platform to THE DEEWANA dancing talent that hasn’t been explored on TV before.

Gattu Battu

Vishrampur’s Gattu and Battu run a security firm, along with martial arts expert Ting Tong and Dr Bhatawadekar. Battu’s sixth sense and Gattu’s bravery help the duo solve the trickiest of cases.


Hunarbaaz, is a first of its kind show, which provides a platform to all kinds of talents. From a world class dance act, to mesmerizing singing, to the skill of contortionist, to a magic that leaves you spellbound, to someone who possesses the memory of an elephant, it has place for all.


All sorts of talent will be equally celebrated on this platform!


Internet Wala Love

Internet Wala Love is a show that will focus on the new age romance between the protagonists who will end up exploring option in both, traditional and contemporary ways and yet refuse to ackmowledge how they are perfect for each other. How love will blossom between the two and how they will make the wall of expectations fall with respect to thair idea of a perfect partner will form the basis of our show.