Comedy Nights with Kapil

Kapil Sharma, the host, starts off with a comedy act and later moves on to interview celebrities with fellow co-actors.


Kasam is the story of true love. Set in Mumbai, Kasam features Randeep and Tanushree who fall deeply in love through a twist of fate and destiny. After marriage, Tanushree ends up dying in a horrific car accident. but is reborn and she comes into Randeep’s life after 20 years, in a most unexpected twist of events and in a form he expects the least. Kasam is that ultimate story of reincarnation – of love in its purest form.


Madhubala is a story of a girl who was born on a film set and has since then grown up in that environment. A common girl with no ambitions, devoid of glamour, Madhu is happy as a beautician but everything changes when she meets RK, a leading superstar.