Barrister Babu

Set against the backdrop of Kolkata, an eight-year-old Bondita is being married off to a 60-year-old man. But as fate would have it, her life takes a sudden tragic turn. While she becomes prey to social injustice, fate leads her to her husband Anirudh, a London-return Barrister who wishes to liberalize women and unstrap them from cultural stereotypes. As he pledges to fight against the age-old norms and help Bonita find her identity, he unfolds a pathway for her to become a Barrister Babu. While Bondita asks some thought-provoking questions, Anirudh through her journey tries to fight them. Will Bondita and Anirudh be able to fight against this broken culture and mark the beginning of a revolution?

Chhoti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni: Womanhood is laced with many complexities imposed by culture, society, familial responsibilities, and many times by self-inflicted fear. But the one who faces all the harsh realities and emerges triumphant is truly a strong woman, a Bahadarni. Choti Sardarni sketches the life of one such woman, Meher, who overcomes hardships and fights fearlessly to become an invincible mother. The show stands true to the fact that there is no greater warrior than a mother protecting her child and highlights the multiple facets of Meher as a ‘Bahadarni’, who will be known as the Choti Sardarni.

Based in the heartlands of Punjab’s Sardool Garh, the show traces the life of Meher Dhillon (played by Nimrit Kaur), a levelheaded Punjabi girl who dreams of a perfect life with, Manav (played by Hitesh Bharadwaj), the one she loves. But all her dreams and hopes come crashing down due to unforeseen circumstances created by Meher’s mother Kulwant (played by Anita Raj) and she is left to fight her own battles. She then meets Sarabjit Gill, (played by Avinesh Rekhi) a politician and a single father and her life takes an unexpected turn. Fierce and full of fire, Meher emerges stronger, learns to combat her fears, and becomes the protector of her family, a Choti Sardarni.

Naagin – Insaaf Ki Jung

This season traces back to mythological origins and the belief that if someone kills a naag, its beloved (Naagin) will surely return for vengeance. Ruhi is an Icchadhari Naagin who has been waiting for more than 100 years to be one with her lover Vikrant. With an impending marriage and promises of lifelong togetherness, she is waiting to start her new life. However, the couple is suddenly attacked by a group of young men.Vikrant, who steps in protect Ruhi’s modesty is murdered. Thus begins a story of revenge for love wrapped in mystery.

Naagin – Intekaam Ka Aagaaz

Naagin tells the story of Shivanya who is an Ichhadhari Naagin whose life took precedence as she sought revenge while guarding the nagmani from evil beings with her love, Ritik by her side. In this season, Naagin continues the story but this time it’s Shivanya’s daughter. Hoping to protect Shivangi from the Naagin gene and a cursed fate, Naagin will see Shivanya battling her legacy. An extraordinary season with actors like Mouni Roy, who will don the dual avatars of Shivanya and Shivangi, along with Adaa Khan (Ruchika and Sesha), Sudha Chandran (Yamini) and Aashka Goradia (Avantika). Shivangi will find love in the arms of Rocky (Karanvir Bohra).


Lord Shani, the brother of Lord Yama, is mentored by Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. He is known for his anger and revered as the god of justice but faces numerous challenges in his childhood.

Shiv Shakti

The first ever act of falling in love ever was SHIV falling in love with SHAKTI (The energy that became Sati, Parvati, Mahakal). The story begins at a time when the universe was still taking shape in the presence of the divine energy forms of Shiv and Shakti. They part ways only to meet again when destiny has it.


Udaariyan means Flight of Fantasy

Udaariyan means dreams

A dream can be an inspiration and a dream can become an obsession. In Udaariyan’s story, the Sandhu Family’s obsession about migrating to Canada defines and drives the lives of the two sisters Tejo and Jasmine. This dream affects everything in their life from aspirations to love.

Udaariyan is a story of two sisters where the younger sister’s dream becomes responsible for upturning the life of her elder sister. Hope springs up for the family, in the form of Fateh Singh Virk who belongs to the politically connected Virk family from the neighboring town. Fateh’s family is rooted in the soil of Punjab. Supporting the nationalist fervor, the family has vowed never to send their kids out of India. But fate has its own plans.