Comedy Nights with Kapil

Comedian Kapil Sharma, along with his family members, gets up close and personal with celebrity guests. He entertains celebrities and audiences alike by asking comical questions.

Dada Bhagwan

Dada Bhagwan Foundation is a spiritual non-profit organization whose goal it is to spread peace, harmony and everlasting bliss to the whole world through the spiritual science of Akram Vignan.

Dil Ki Pukar

Jai Kishan wants to stay with his family, but his situation forces him to leave his home and go to the US. The show is about how he tries to convince his family to accept Bhoomi, a girl bred in US, as their daughter-in-law.

Divine Destinations

Faith in any religion is reassuring. Join us on a journey to the Divine Destinations of the world where you can mark your own road to revelations and trace the path of different religions and beliefs that have shaped the world as we know

Entertainment Ki Raat Housefull

Celebrities from the entertainment industry indulge in musical games, cooking contests, dance-offs and other fun-filled activities along with pranks, funny tete-a-tete and more.

Food Highway

Digging deep into the unknown folds of the country, Food Highway presents a journey of a travel enthusiast and a hardcore foodie wandering from town to town taking the expressways in search of scrumptious food. This show is a guide to best eateries that can be found on the highways while travelling along the length and breadth of a country.

Ishq Mein Marjawan

“Stronger than lover’s love is lover’s hate. Incurable, in each, the wounds they make” The show is set against the backdrop of Darjeeling. Arohi is a free-spirited girl next door who meets a stranger, falls in love and dreams of settling down with him, much like any other romantic tale. In this picture perfect relationship, she finds herself as the primary suspect for a series of murders and ends up behind bars. But that’s not enough, things get worse when she realizes that everything she thought was a coincidence was actually a planned series of events and all the people she thought who were her family were in reality con artists! She is deeply wounded to realize that the man of her dreams was responsible for setting her up and was only pretending to love her. The show explores what happens when love turns to hatred. The naïve and simple woman plans an unbelievable escape and as she is chasing truth she stumbles upon something which blows her mind off. The chivalrous and passionate man, she thought she knew, was a manipulative control freak who was only saving his real wife, who is not only a psychopath plotting murders but also looks identical to Arohi!


Jahaanara Colors Rishtey: Colors Bangla’s top rated show in India. Set against the backdrop of an orthodox society, this is the story of Jahaanara and Rubina who decide to take on the long-established system of ‘Triple Talaq’.

Jil Jil Genie

Two children, Munna and Meenu, while on a nature study tour from school, happen to find themselves in peril while chasing a wild squirrel.