Divine Destinations

Faith in any religion is reassuring. Join us on a journey to the Divine Destinations of the world where you can mark your own road to revelations and trace the path of different religions and beliefs that have shaped the world as we know it.it

Namaste Breakfast

An exclusive food based show Namaste Breakfast will provide quick and easy to make recipes for the breakfast show

Rising Star

This season of Rising Star, the audience will witness some extraordinary contestants with incredible stories. Contestants from all age groups are set to serenade viewers with their musical gifts and remind them that age, caste, gender is never a barrier to showcase talent. From a ‘Khandaani’ Qawwali singer to a desi Band and a young girl fighting against the time curfew on women; contestants from all over India will use the power of their singing talents to win ‘janta ka pyaar’. With the spotlight on the ‘aam janta’ once again, our talented contestants will urge the virtual judges sitting at home, to support their hopes, dreams, ambitions, and aspirations and be a part of the live voting process.

Sirf 30 Minutes

Sirf 30 Minute aims to teach the viewers how to make a complete meal within 30 minutes. Hosted by 4 renowned chef this series will get the viewers closer to many diverse cuisines of india and teach them how to make them quick !

Strictly Street

Spicy, tangy, veg, non -veg, boiled, appetizing, roasted, oiled, aromatic, toasted, tempting and mouth watering street food is all of this and much more. Join Rohan as he shows yoy how to dine strictly on the street, so leave those forks and knives at home and get ready to savor some fingerpicked street food.