Comedy Nights with Kapil

Comedian Kapil Sharma, along with his family members, gets up close and personal with celebrity guests. He entertains celebrities and audiences alike by asking comical questions.

Jil Jil Genie

Two children, Munna and Meenu, while on a nature study tour from school, happen to find themselves in peril while chasing a wild squirrel.

Krishna Balram

The endearing duo of 8-year-old Krishna and 9-year-old Balram team up with Radha and their other friends as they play pranks on unsuspecting gopis, steal Butter from the storehoue and destroy demons sent by their evil uncle Kansa to kill Krishna.

Luv Kushh

Luv Kush is the story of the amazing twins of Ram and Sita. This animated movie made for kids depicts their birth, adolescence, their love for the Vedas, their skills in archery and the final confrontation with Ram.

Navrangi Re

Navrangi re Colors Rishtey: Vishwaas, a journalist, is constantly on the lookout for breaking news to meet the demands of his job. Along the way, however, he stumbles upon a way to bring about social change in his neighbourhood.