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Dil Se Dil Tak
Set against the culturally rich Gujarati backdrop of Baroda, Dil Se Dil Tak recollects the journey of newly married couple, Shorvari and Parth Bhanushali whose love for each other and their families transcends all boundaries. Owing to Shorvari's Bengali roots and contrasting backgrounds, she finds herself rejected by Parth's family. But the power of love keeps them together and gives them the impetus to lead a happy life. But, it is when a chance visit to a temple to pray for each other's and their family's wellbeing that their incomplete destinies are tied together with Teni, a spunky ex-bar dancer who believes that her future, and lots of money, lies for her in the US. Despite typical Gujarati demeanor and thick accent, Teni cultivates a relationship with Parth and Shorvari which they cannot acknowledge or describe to their family. Her association with them, though, is for a reason that they hope will reunite them with their family.